for your health in the office

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Studies show: Those who take regular breaks work more productively and creatively – and stay healthier. However, many people find it difficult to remember to take such important breaks in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. froach wants to help employees and companies: with short breaks.

Promoting health with our breaks

We invite you to take your time-out every day

Our short breaks are exercise packages consisting of  video sequences that our team of sports scientists has developed specifically for workplace needs. A short break consists of four exercises and lasts about two minutes. In total, there are 45 short breaks and 70 exercises to discover at froach. 

froach is your digital health coach

Of course, our members are not left on their own during the exercises. froach guides through the break, demonstrates the exercises and motivates them to join in. Hence the name: froach is a combination of “frog” and “coach”. By now froach has had ten years of experience in “taking a break”. And what’s always most important: having fun with it.

For all needs the right break

One has back problems while working from home, the other is looking for relaxation in the open-plan office. The needs of your employees are as individual as they are. froach offers a wide range of selection to find the right break. 




Für alle Bedürfnisse die richtige Pause

Der eine hat Rückenprobleme im Homeoffice, die andere sucht Entspannung im Großraumbüro. Die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Mitarbeitenden sind so individuell wie sie selbst. froach bietet eine breite Auswahlmöglichkeit, um die passende Minipause zu finden.

and more...

Select personal exercise times

Individual emails remind you of the daily short break.

Stay active with favorites

Favorite exercises can be saved with one click.

Set goals

A personal daily goal motivates regular exercise.

Collect medals

Streak medals provide an overview of successes achieved.

We are GDPR compliant

We are aware of our responsibility and take data protection seriously. Our data protection policies are always up to date and our technology is fully secured. 

froach - integrated in your company

If desired, froach will carry your company logo as well as selected colors. This makes your company visible to the users and we ensure emotional connection. 

You can brand the dashboard
and froach!

Small break - great impact


After a break, employees feel refreshed and focused. froach promotes vitality and performance.

Lower blood sugar

Regular exercise in between activates the metabolism and can thus prevent diabetes mellitus.


Our short breaks put you in a good mood and make you forget stress and hectic for a moment.


Our exercises can reduce muscular tension and headaches.