Your conscious break

froach is your daily break in the working day that promotes your well-being in the long term. Our short breaks are packages with exercises that you can do anytime in less than four minutes a day – sometimes dynamic, sometimes relaxing and sometimes just to take a deep breath.

Flexible. Easy. Effective.

Studies show: People who take regular breaks work more productively and creatively – and stay healthier. However, many people find it difficult to remember to take such important breaks in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. froach wants to help employees and companies: with our short breaks. 

froach is a B2B solution. This means that your employer provides you with froach, so that our offer is free of charge for you as a user.


of Germans have back pain


of Germans have eye problems


of employees between 18 and 50 feel stressed


of the employees need exercise to combat stress


Germans are affected by burn-out


of Germans exercise too little

That's why you should froach!


Even a short break of two to four minutes increases your well-being.


froach is a web-based platform with an integrative approach. You don't need any prior knowledge or equipment.


Our breaks are developed by experts and activate all areas of the body from head to toe.


The froach figure guides you through your break and shows you that exercise is fun and good for you.


You can do the froach exercises at work, in the home office and on the road.

Learn, understand, stay healthy
– with the EduHub (move to Product Page)

Whether you want tips on a healthy lifestyle, need to reduce your stress, or would like to know how to stay active in your everyday life, you can learn more about the different challenges you face in your daily life in our EduHub. You’ll learn the causes of your discomfort and find out how to prevent it! The EduHub is our learning platform and is available for you in your froach account. So in addition to our short breaks, we offer you even more support. 

froach supports you in everyday life

You sometimes forget to take breaks? No problem, we will send you individual reminders on request and you can also import your froach times into your Microsoft calendar. You wish you had more motivation for exercise? Just set your froach daily goal. With each short break you collect points and medals that encourage you. You want tips and knowledge about health and relaxation? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter! Or learn how to manage your daily challenges well – in our learning platform, the EduHub.

Small break - great impact

Higher Attention

After a break, you will feel refreshed and focused. froach promotes vitality and performance.

blood sugar

Regular exercise in between activates the metabolism and can thus prevent diabetes mellitus.


Our short breaks put you in a good mood and make you forget stress and hectic for a moment.


Our exercises can reduce muscular tension and headaches. For more prevention in everyday life.