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Would you like to support the health of your colleagues in their everyday work, whether in the office or working from home? We’d like to introduce our digital format for your company: froach LIVE modules – our online live sessions for froach short breaks!

How it works

In a 30-minute online live session, a froach trainer guides you and your team through a refreshing froach break, explains the science behind froach and answers your questions at the end. froach LIVE takes place in your internal communication tool, so you don’t need any extra software. Up to 50 people can participate per session.

By the way: froach LIVE is also available for companies that are not yet our customers. It’s the optimal opportunity for your team to get to know froach!

Sneak peak of the froach LIVE modules

You can book the froach LIVE modules individually or as a package of three.


We explain what the "screen eye" is all about. And guide you through eye exercises.


Together we activate the feet and learn to move even while we are sitting.


The shoulder-neck area often causes problems when working on the PC. You will learn simple relaxing exercises.


We combine solid knowledge of ergonomics with effective exercises for screen breaks.


Whole body

We present whole-body exercises against discomfort caused by prolonged sitting and invite you to join in.



You will learn why it is good to try balancing challenges in everyday life when sitting for a long time.


You will learn about the connection between sitting posture, screen activity and your breathing.

Be cool together

Through compassionate exercises you will come into contact with yourself and others with ease.

and more...

This is what your froach LIVE session could look like

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