The froach White Paper:

The changing world of work

Health promotion in times of New Normal

The modern world of work and its requirements are constantly changing.

More and more solutions are needed to support employees in maintaining their health at the workplace. These solutions must be flexible – just as working time and place of work are becoming more and more flexible.

In this white paper, we would like to provide you with tips and guidance on how to work successfully in this new world of work. The focus of this white paper will be on a healthy break culture, why it is important and how you can promote healthy behaviour in your company. This white paper focuses on a healthy work environment, why it is important and how you can promote healthy habits in your company.

These topics are included

  • Background and figures: New Work and the Pandemic
  • The new working world in companies – employees’ demands are increasing
  • How to keep your team healthy – remote or on-site
  • How does froach help to improve health in these new working environments?
  • Conclusion
  • Sources and links

Working healthy at the desk

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